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Corporate Advising & Planning

Trinity Gateways (TG) is a U.S. business consulting & immigration advisory organization. TG provides U.S. expansion and development opportunities for international businesses and in conjunction with Gateway America provides U.S. immigration pathways to prospective immigrant investors. TG's portfolio of projects spans several industries including real estate development, retail & restaurant, wholesale, and education.

Start-Up Businesses and International Branches of Foreign Firms.

Entity Formation/ Set Up:
  • Filing w/ State

  • Creation of Operating Agreement/ By-Laws

  • EIN Application

  • Tax Filings

  • Payroll/ Quarterly Payroll Tax Filings

Marketing/ Graphic Design/ Advertising (MARCOM+)
Information Technology Services (MARCOM+)
Website Design/ Management (MARCOM+)
Social Medial Development/ Management
E-Commerce Set Up/ Management (MARCOM+)
Business Consulting
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