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What are work-immigration pathways?

Gateway America U.S. Work-Immigration Pathways are designed to meet high labor demand needs in the United States with the recruitment of international workers. Candidates who successfully apply for and complete program requirements will be eligible for U.S. permanent residency status through an employment-based immigration visa program within 9 - 25 months on average. Final visa application timelines will vary according to each applicant’s individual circumstances, nationality, and USCIS.

Who are work-immigration pathways for?

Work-immigration pathways are designed for international students and/or career professionals who wish to work in the U.S. under visa categories that give candidates the option to apply for U.S. permanent residency.

What career pathways are currently available?

A variety of career categories in the following fields:

  • Nursing & Healthcare

  • Education & Student Services

  • STEM

  • Business & Accounting

  • Hospitality & Food Services

  • Trades

What are the application requirements?

Requirements vary according to each career field. Typically, a relevant degree and high English language proficiency is required.

Are there fees?

Yes. While we provide free advisory service, fees commence when you submit your application. We will advise on the payment schedule.

How long is the waiting time? Am I guaranteed a successful outcome?

Typically 9–25 months, although application times will vary according to individual circumstances, nationality, and the discretion of US Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) officials. As employment based immigration programs are strictly subject to US Citizenship & Immigration Service discretion, we cannot guarantee a positive outcome. It is critical that applicants comply with and fulfills the requirements throughout the process.

Does my application lead to a Green Card?

Upon successful application, applicant may be eligible for US permanent residence status.

How do I monitor my application progress?

Candidates may monitor application progress by checking with our respective case managers

When can I begin working and earning wages?

Work eligibility depends on each applicant’s career pathway option and training circumstances.

  • If applying from the United States as an F1 graduate: 
    Applicants may begin work and earn wages as soon as they receive Optional Practical Training (OPT) or Employment Authorization (EAD) confirmation (depending on academic degree eligibility)

  • If applicants are applying from their home countries:
    Applicants may begin work and earn wages only upon successful visa application and entering the U.S.

What about my family and dependents?

A candidate’s family members (spouse and children only) will qualify for the same visa status and may also apply for U.S. permanent residency as long as children are under the age of 21. Spouses have no age restrictions.

How do I apply?

Contact a Gateway America representative or country managers. You may also reach out at

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